Board Committees

NADSP Contacts & Chapters Committee

The mission of the Contacts & Chapters Committee is to provide leadership on organizational topics related to all aspects of state chapter development. This includes, but is not limited to, developing strategic partnerships at the local and state levels, communication practices with membership and development of related policies to increase membership participation with chapter activities. Most currently, the committee has identified strategies for growing membership base, evaluated current membership strategies, and has provided input and guidance on streamlined dual membership processes. The committee provides state contacts an opportunity to share and learn with colleagues who are at different stages of state chapter development. The work of this committee is evolving and is looking for members who are passionate about enhancing or starting a state chapter of the NADSP and helping other states in their process. 

The committee meets every other month via conference call. Committee Chair: Don Carrick. Staff Liaison: Joseph Macbeth

NADSP Advocacy and Legislation Committee

The mission of the NADSP Advocacy and Legislation committee is to change policy to make a difference in the lives of direct support professionals and the people we serve. This committee has worked with allies to reintroduce and pass the "Direct Support Professional Fairness and Security Act" and the "Direct Care Job Quality Improvement Act". The committee would like to develop a protocol for collaboration, developing policy leaders and growing the NADSP policy community from the grass roots. Members of the Advocacy and Legislation Committee collaborate with ANCOR's National Advocacy Campaign and the Direct Care Alliance's Advocacy Committee. 

The committee is currently seeking interested members and will meet by conference call every other month or more often during key policy efforts. Committee Co-chairs: We are currently seeking a Committee Chair interested in leading our policy efforts, please contact Joseph Macbeth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

NADSP Education, Training, and Workforce Development Committee (ETWD)

The mission of this committee is to provide leadership on organizational activities that relate to the following topics:
  1. NADSP Credentialing
  2. NADSP Accreditation
  3. The NADSP Moving Mountains Award
  4. The NADSP Code of Ethics
  5. Educational standard/practice guidelines
Since 2007, the ETWD has played an active role in shaping and piloting the structures and policies for the NADSP Credentialing Program and more recently, the NADSP Accreditation Program. The Committee will be responsible for building the capacity of NADSP to determine if training and educational programs can be accredited as providing a robust program that is aligned with the NADSP standards and requirements to prepare candidates for the NADSP Credential. Both Credentialing and Accreditation will continue to be priorities for the Committee’s attention because they are in the early stages of implementation and will continue to be refined and revised as they unfold in this initial period. Another emerging priority for the committee will be assisting with updating practice guidelines for direct support professionals. 

The work has been creative and fun and we welcome you if you are interested in education and training issues and willing to pitch in with the other team members. We meet monthly on the phone and communicate frequently by e-mail. Committee Co-Chairs: Julie Price and Carol Britton Laws. Staff Liaison: John Sauer

NADSP Communications Committee

The NADSP Communication Committee has been charged with all activities related to NADSP communications, including marketing materials, social networking, quarterly newsletters, website improvements and electronic communication strategies. The committee works with other NADSP groups and committees as needed to reach goals set forth by the NADSP. 

Work tasks of the committee include:

  • Supporting the development and publication of the Frontline Initiative 3x year.
  • Writing FI articles and/or assist with identifying potential authors.
  • Providing input into the full FI editorial board.
  • Assisting in the ongoing maintenance of the NADSP website. Identifying additional information to be added to site, overseeing redesign and providing input for needed changes.
  • Providing input to the development and dissemination of the E-Flash.

The committee will meet monthly by phone and communicate regularly via email. 
We are currently seeking a Committee Chair. If you are interested in leading our communication efforts, please contact Joe Macbeth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

NADSP National Partners

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