DSP-Specialist Information

There are six specialist areas in which you can seek credentialing. The six specialist certificates include: Positive Behavioral Support, Health Support, Inclusion, Supervision & Mentoring, Employment Supports and Aging Supports. The specialist certificate is designed to recognize DSPs who have obtained specialized training and have demonstrated competence in providing specialized support to individuals with disabilities in community human services. You must apply for each specialist credential separately. Click on each title below for more information:

What happens after I apply?

Your DSP-Specialist application packet will be reviewed by NADSP within 60-90 days of receipt. If your application meets the criteria for advanced credentialing you will receive your DSP-Specialist recognition package. The package includes: an embossed certificate that personally identifies you as a DSP-Specialist in your particular specialty area; a lapel pin that reinforces the achievement of the DSP-Specialist credential; and a personal letter from NADSP congratulating you on your achievement

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