NADSP Membership Application

  • Be a part of a growing national movement to elevate the status of DSPs.
  • Learn about national and international successful practices, such as certificate programs, apprenticeships, credit-bearing coursework, and ways to improve agency cultures.
  • Help educate policymakers and legislators about the importance of high quality human services.
  • Learn about and gain access to public forums and conferences focusing on DSP issues.
  • Learn how to develop and enhance DSP regional affiliations.
  • Develop leadership skills in the field of direct support.

This application requires online payment. If you do not wish to pay online, you can download a membership application (PDF) to complete and submit by mail.



Individual Membership Categories

NADSP Credentialed Professionals (FREE)

DSP-Certified Level 1 & 2
Credentialed Frontline Supervisors

Individual Membership ($10 if not employed by a supporting organization)

Direct Support Professional
Frontline Supervisor
Self-Advocate & Family Member

Provider Organization Membership Categories

This level is for human service provider organizations that employ Direct Support Professionals (DSP). Membership amount is dependent on the number of DSPs employed by the organization. All DSPs employed by the organization also become individual members of the NADSP.

Level One / Employs up to 50 DSPs ($500)
Level Two / Employs 51 to 200 DSPs ($1,000)
Level Three / Employs 201 to 500 DSPs ($2,000)
Level Four / Employs more than 500 DSPs ($3,000)

Non-Provider Organization Membership Categories

These organizations may not be providers or employers.

For individuals and other organizations that wish to demonstrate a commitment to support the efforts of NADSP and its State Chapters. ($200)

Sponsoring Organization Membership
For national or multi-state organizations, associations, businesses and stakeholder groups that are dedicated to advancing the goals of NADSP and can help influence others. ($2,000)

Other Membership Types

Other Professional Membership
Other professionals working in community human services, such as social workers, administrators and healthcare professionals. ($50)


NADSP National Partners

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