The NADSP E-Badge Academy

Get credit for competency.

We all know that direct support professionals (DSPs) and frontline supervisors (FLSs) are doing amazing work each and every day. Far too often, their skills and expertise unfortunately go unnoticed.

Support staff are regularly helping people in developing friendships, addressing crisis situations, completing personal care, promoting wellness, becoming independent, and more! They are also often taking e-learning courses, attending training, participating in webinars, etc. The E-Badge Academy offers DSPs and FLSs a way to receive formal acknowledgement of their contributions and hard work.

Through the NADSP E-Badge Academy, DSPs and FLSs can get credit for competency by achieving stackable electronic badges, or e-badges, which can then be used to attain nationally-recognized NADSP Certification. The E-Badge Academy provides practical, tangible, and demonstrable recognition of the knowledge, skills, and practices of DSPs and FLSs.

“The NADSP E-Badge Academy has built confidence within myself professionally and provided a sense of achievement.”

- Brookley Garman, DSP, Black Hills Works

Impact Of The E-Badge Academy

Hundreds of human services organizations in 29 states all across the country are enrolled in the E-Badge Academy. They’ve experienced its transformational impact. As a result of their deep commitment to their support staff, more than 10,000 professionals have had 118,700+ e-badges reviewed, with more than 4,220 applying those e-badges to achieve NADSP Certification.

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The NADSP E-Badge Academy: Participating Organizations

Dozens of organizations are actively engaged in the NADSP E-Badge Academy – demonstrating their support of the professional development of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and Frontline Supervisors (FLSs). These agencies are recognizing the positive effect that their employees are having on the lives of the people who are receiving their services.

Insight Into The E-Badge Academy

The E-Badge Academy is a way for DSPs and FLSs to receive recognition for the education they receive and the on-the-job competencies they demonstrate. The E-Badge Academy is not itself a training, education, or curriculum program.

DSPs and FLSs will submit a testimonial or a training transcript to earn e-badges in two different categories – NADSP Accredited Education and the CMS Core Competency Areas. In both types, there needs to be specific evidence and examples of how the DSP or FLS met the requirements for the individual e-badge. When the DSP or FLS demonstrates that their professional skills and values meet the specified set of criteria, which is assessed by a NADSP reviewer, they can earn an e-badge to acknowledge that accomplishment.

Local organizational administrators can then monitor access to and engagement in the E-Badge Academy for their employees. Through an online platform, they can review participation, track progress, and run reports.

Benefits For Organizations

  • Recognize the skills and expertise of DSPs and FLSs
  • Improve retention and job satisfaction of support staff
  • Embrace the nationally-recognized NADSP Certification program
  • Implement a system for developing career ladders
  • Demonstrate the innovative practices of employees
  • Show stakeholders that you are investing in improving services
  • Provide benchmarks for bonuses and incentive initiatives

Benefits For Support Staff

  • Get credit for your professional development and skills
  • Show the value you bring your employer and people supported
  • Take part in the nationally-recognized NADSP Certification program
  • Establish yourself as an expert in specific areas of service delivery
  • Build up your professional resume for career advancement
  • Reflect on your contributions to improving people’s lives
  • Receive feedback on the competencies you are demonstrating

E-Badge Academy Updates & Resources

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Getting Started With The E-Badge Academy

Please note: Individual staff (direct support professionals, frontline supervisors, etc.) cannot purchase access to the E-Badge Academy independently.


  1. Organizations will fill out the NADSP E-Badge Academy Inquiry Form.
  2. NADSP will share details on costs, next steps, applying, etc., as well as contracts and payment.
  3. NADSP will train organizational administrators to enroll users in the online platform
  4. NADSP will train users about the process for submitting e-badges.
  5. Users may then apply for e-badges, starting with the Code of Ethics Commitment e-badge.
  6. NADSP reviewers will review submissions and determine if they are accepted or not.
  7. Users can apply e-badges to earn DSP-I, DSP-II, and DSP-II NADSP Certification.

The NADSP E-Badge Academy Inquiry Form

Complete the form for all inquiries, whether you are currently enrolled in the E-Badge Academy or not. These inquiries could cover technical support assistance, requests to set up an account, questions regarding E-Badge approval, and more.

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