Webinar: No One Asked Me: Bringing The Perspective Of The Direct Support Professional To Person Centered Planning

Jul 18, 2022 | Webinars

Description: Person centered planning is done in partnership with the person receiving supports and services and their chosen circle of support. Within that circle lies powerful allies including the direct support professional. This webinar will discuss the valuable role you, the direct support professional, play in the person centered planning process.

Thursday , July 28, 2022 2:00PM ET

Key Takeaways

  • Why is person centered thinking so important in your work?
  • How can identifying what’s important to someone and what’s important for someone help a person get a better quality life?
  • How do you use what you’ve discovered to refine how you provide support? How do you ensure that discovery information gets shared?

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Learn About Our Presenters

About Tanya M. Richmond, MSW, LCSW: Tanya M. Richmond, MSW, LCSW, a partner with Support Development Associates, has over 30 years of experience working as a licensed clinical social worker. She has expertise in direct practice with older adults; with children and their families; with people who are deaf or hearing impaired; with children and adults with developmental and cognitive disabilities; and with individuals who are in crisis due to rape. She has directed program coordination and evaluation in both community service agencies and college settings.  She has trained professionals in topics related to mental health, direct support across disability areas, and coaching and organizational development for over 25 years. A Partner with Support Development Associates in Annapolis, Maryland, Tanya works nationally and internationally with organizations who are implementing person centered practices.  She also assists agencies to create and implement person centered policy.  Tanya develops and prepares all grants and contracts for SDA.
About Monica Robinson: Monica Robinson started her career in Human Services in the mid 90’s providing direct support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. After several years of providing direct support to those receiving services, she moved into a leadership position where her focused shifted to supporting the direct support professionals. She eventually transitioned from the residential setting to working in Human Resources as a Staff Development Coordinator. In this position, she was able to collaborate with other provider organizations to strengthen the skills of frontline supervisors. Each step in her journey she was able to see the growth and development in others, which has reinforced her commitment to the field. Monica is currently an independent contractor working closely with the New York Alliance for Innovation and Inclusion and the New York State Department of Health, a Person Centered Thinking Trainer through the Learning Community for Person Centered Practices and an E-Badge reviewer for the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals.

Tanya and Monica are staff of The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.

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