The 80% Solution: Creating a Culture of Competence

Creating a Culture of Competence In Community-Based I/DD Support Organizations

 A NADSP Training and Technical Assistance package to comprehensively address the direct support workforce crisis

 “We have a DSP Problem.” We hear it all of the time. Home and Community-based Support Providers experience a crushingly high percentage of staff turnover, poor morale, and an inability to provide the high quality supports that people with disabilities and their families want and deserve.

How do we fix it?

Through our six years of work in approximately 40 states working with more than 50,000 direct support professionals, NADSP has demonstrated expertise in supporting organizations to adopt the practices and innovations needed to address the workforce crisis through our training and certification programs. Yet, we know that a great need still exists. Many organizations would benefit from intensive supports and technical assistance to transform their organizations to one that comprehensively hires, develops and promotes the life-long learning of its direct support workforce.

Our approach is backed by current research and the input and knowledge shared by both staff and administration within provider organizations. The following document outlines the stages, steps, and activities that NADSP has developed to assist organizations, through training and technical assistance, to implement human resource functions, on-boarding of new employees, engaging training & development practices, opportunities to advance through a national credentialing program, addressing organization culture and implement changes throughout the organization and create a Culture of Competence.