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Meet the DSPs providing unique and invaluable perspective to NADSP
The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) Board of Directors and staff members are pleased to present the NADSP Direct Support Professional Advisory Council. The purpose of the NADSP Direct Support Professional Advisory Council is to provide their unique and invaluable perspective to the NADSP Board and staff members about how to make practice improvements with the goal of better serving direct support professionals around the country and internationally.


Matthew Crowley

AHRC-NYC, New York

About Me
Matthew Crowley works for AHRC NYC as a direct support staff at a day habilitation program located in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn. He has been with the agency since 2007 which was when he first took up residence in New York City, however before then he lived on the West Coast in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. In each city he worked for similar agencies supporting people as they made themselves more comfortable in their respective roles as members of their communities, whether it involved adjusting to the dynamics of unfamiliar neighborhoods or the complexities of new jobs. In turn his impression of each of the cities has been heavily influenced by the ways each accommodates the people he has supported. Matthew originally studied writing, and he now delights in pursuing that interest as he variously shares it with those he supports. For several years he has teamed up with a particular group which regularly scripts films from scratch and puts them into action. One of these films was submitted to a local film festival not too long ago earning rave reviews, but maybe more significantly it earned a truly cult following among close friends and family. Fun fact: Matthew not only works for AHRC NYC, he also plays for them on their volleyball and softball teams.

Pat Ejenavi

Vita Community Living Services, Ontario, Canada

About Me
My name is Pat Ejenavi, I migrated from Nigeria to Canada in 2006. My mother had mental health support needs and I experienced first hand the need for support in this sector. This personal experience with my mother motivated me to become a Direct Support Professional. I have worked in the developmental and mental health sector for over twelve years. I started in the developmental field as a Personal Support Worker (PSW). While working as a PSW, I returned to school as an adult student and earned a Developmental Services Worker diploma from Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. I am currently working in a treatment program as a full time Direct Support Professional for Vita Community Living Services and Mens Sana Families for Mental Health.

Ryene Fenner

New Horizons Resources, Inc., New York

About Me
Ryene Fenner is a DSP that works for New Horizons Resources. She has been a DSP since 2016. She has a master’s degree in English Literature from SUNY New Paltz and is pursuing a second master’s degree in Education, that will be completed this fall. In addition to the work, she does with New Horizons, Ryene has also created and implemented lesson plans for children with developmental disabilities for a local camp.

Arlene Hebig

Chilliwack Society for Community Living, British Columbia, Canada

About Me
I live in Chilliwack BC with my husband and two adult children, one of whom has a developmental disability. I have been a direct support worker for 5 years and am employed with the Chilliwack Society for Community Living as a senior support worker. I have been active in volunteering with different organizations directly supporting individuals and their families, including serving a term on the board of directors. I am passionate about being a part of a community that is inclusive to all persons. When not working, I can often be found somewhat over my head in a home improvement project, but would really prefer to be in the garden!

Ramu Iyer

Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) at Washington State

About Me
As a Direct Support Professional, I work as a Supported Employment Consultant with persons with developmental disabilities on the front lines. My vocation is to transform lives by enabling a client’s full participation in competitive, integrated employment and community life. I am passionate student of using a solution focused approach to listen, build hope and shape a client’s preferred future. As a Job Developer I reach out to businesses to identify opportunities for process improvement, cost savings, maximizing employee experiences or enhancing the bottomline. I collaborate with employers to craft or carve jobs that align with a client’s DNA (Desires | Needs | Abilities) and meet business needs. My previous work experience includes stints at Microsoft, Ernst & Young and consulting with telecom and software companies. I enjoy yoga, music, blogging, as well as reading poetry and non-fiction. I obtained the Leader as Coach certification from Columbia Business School and an MBA from Northwestern University / Kellogg School of Management. Fun Fact – I have a dry sense of humor and my dream is to become a standup comedian someday.

Brian Ormond

South Peninsula Behavioral Health, Alaska

About Me
Brian Ormond is a Direct Support Professional working in a small fishing town at “the end of the road” in Homer, Alaska. Brian has served people with disabilities through South Peninsula Behavioral Health, Inc. for nearly a decade. In his time there he has been the Point of Contact for the Special Olympics program in Homer, was chosen to be an original DSP voice for the state of Alaska’s Shared Vision and recently chosen as a leader in creating the Alaska Alliance of Direct Support Professionals. Brian is passionate about changing systems to be more equitable, just and allow for personal autonomy. When he’s not challenging and questioning agencies, organizations and governments he’s playing video games, driving fast and thinking of the next thing to build. Brian likes to fix and create things, whether it be mechanical, digital, personal, or philosophical. Brian conducts himself under the philosophy “Words have power. Use your words with intent.”

Reade Roberts

Arkansas Support Network, Arkansas

About Me
I have lived and worked in Northwest Arkansas for 30 years. After completing my education, the primary draw to supporting individuals with disabilities was that I saw an important need to be filled. Through self-reflection I realized that I wanted to make the difference between those who fell through the cracks, and those who are championed to be able to reach self-actualization. Having Cerebral Palsy myself, I am able to empathize directly with the challenges, triumphs, and the moments in between experienced by individuals with disabilities, regardless of their disposition.

Kelley Shepherd

Mainstay Life Services, Pennsylvania

About Me
Hi I’m Kelley. I’m a DSP in Pittsburgh, PA. I got into the field in Michigan in 2008 after several years working in fast food thinking it was going to be a transitional short term thing. It quickly went from a job to a way of life. I enjoy playing my guitar, watching sports, and relaxing with my cat Patrick. FUN FACT: I collect Peanuts/Snoopy Christmas decorations.

Amber K. Thompson

Hope House Foundation, Virginia

About Me
Thank you so much for this opportunity. My name is Amber Thompson. I have worked in the field of Direct Support for 15 years. I worked at day programs, group homes, and as a job coach. Today, I am currently employed through Hope House Foundation as a Community Support Coordinator. At Hope House, we support adults that experience disabilities, exclusively in their own apartments and communities.

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