Elevate The Status Of DSPs Through 2023 NADSP Membership

by | Dec 20, 2022 | News

As you all know, there are a seemingly endless number of complex issues affecting direct support professionals (DSPs), from high turnover, to low wages, and limited opportunities for professional development – just to list a few. Due to the complicated and systemic nature of the so-called “crisis” (which has been going on for decades), it requires a unified and strategic front to address these topics.

That’s why hundreds have joined the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) as NADSP Members over the years. They’re demonstrating their deep commitment to helping us fulfill NADSP’s mission “to elevate the status of direct support professionals by improving practice standards, promoting system reform, and advancing their knowledge, skills and values.”

NADSP Membership includes an interconnected network of DSPs, Frontline Supervisors, self-advocates, family members, human service organizations, healthcare professionals, social workers, statewide groups, national associations, and more. From California to Connecticut, Alaska to Arkansas, and Nevada to New Jersey – provider organizations and professionals alike spanning dozens of states have found great value in NADSP Membership, and have shown their dedication to elevate the status of DSPs.

Through this collaboration, we can collectively address topics like turnover, wages, benefits, career advancement, and more. NADSP is the premier source for the most timely, relevant, and reliable news about the work of DSPs – especially surrounding national issues such addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a Standard Occupational Classification for DSPs, and advocating for policy that advances the interests of this essential workforce.

Now is the time to join our current NADSP Members around the country and create a world with a highly qualified and professional direct support workforce that partners with, supports, and empowers people with disabilities to lead a life of their choosing.

NADSP Membership Benefits

Along with making a distinct statement that you value the contributions of DSPs, there are numerous benefits of NADSP Membership:

  • Receive an organizational discount on the E-Badge Academy
  • Obtain 10% discounted rates for NADSP Training (in-person/virtual)
  • Obtain 10% discounted rates for NADSP Curricula
  • Unlimited Access the members-only section of NADSP website
  • Participation in ‘Learning Annex’ webinars covering a variety of topics
  • Live and archived “Let’s Talk” webinars which explore timely and critical topics
  • Receive E-Blasts with information about NADSP events, presentations, and other opportunities
  • Highlight your organizational logo and website link on NADSP website
  • Be part of a movement that elevates the status of direct support professionals

New to NADSP Membership?

If you’re looking to join us as a member of NADSP in 2023 for the very first time, you can receive access to all of the 2023 NADSP Membership benefits for the remainder of 2022.

NADSP Membership Types

The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) offers a variety of different membership types for individual direct support professionals, human service organizations, and other stakeholders.

Provider Organization

Human service organizations that employ direct support professionals
$750 – $4,000

Level One – $750 (employ 1 – 50 DSPs)
Level Two – $1,500 (employ 51 – 200 DSPs)
Level Three – $3,000 (employ 201 – 500 DSPs)
Level Four – $4,000 (employ 500+ DSPs)


DSPs, Frontline Supervisors, self-advocates, and family members


Social workers, general administrators, or healthcare professionals


Organizations that do not employ direct support professionals


National, regional, and state organizations, associations, businesses, etc.

Become A Member

Take part in a national movement to elevate the status of direct support professionals and educate policymakers and legislators about the importance of high quality human services.

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