Date: October 24, 2019
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Via Webinar

With Special Guests:  Amanda Gee and Virginia Jahyu

Death. For many, it is a word that strikes fear, anxiety, and sadness. It is a natural process of life; yet it’s complex and often difficult to process when it happens. It is usually not the first thing you think of when you decide to work in the field of human services – so when death occurs, sometimes, we are struck by silence leaving us speechless, not knowing how to console and support the person who is experiencing grief. Over the course of this webinar, we define grief as acute sorrow or deep sadness cause by loss, misfortune or disaster.  ​We will be focusing on grief that results from loss. Grief is very personal and is experienced differently for everyone and is informed by the cultural context one exists in. Each culture mourns, celebrates, and have ritualistic practices that deal with death differently.  Learning the traditions, customs, and philosophy of the person you are supporting can help with supporting the person in a way that is person-centered.  ​

We aim to speak more candidly about death and the grieving process in this webinar. It is our hope that this session can shed some light and offer a few insights and resources to better help you deal with grief and support others in the workplace.