Date: June 20, 2019
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Via Webinar

In honor of Pride Month, we are re-broadcasting this webinar!

Most often when you see the, now familiar abbreviation, it’s presented with a small plus sign: LGBTQ+. That sign indicates that the community is larger and more diverse that it may, at first appear. LGBTTQQ2SIAAP is the present configuration of the ‘alphabet community,’ in Canada. Many people from outside the community have no idea what some of those letters mean. This webinar will do more than give a list of definitions, The webinar will focus on both the depth and breadth of the community but also discuss the intersection between the LGBTTQQ2SIAAP community and people who have intellectual disabilities. Because we serve a fully human population and because we as humans experience a wide range of sexual and gender identities one can only expect that people with disabilities will too. This seminar will discuss how to support those who come out and how to create a safe environment for people to be who they are without fear. All the authors, and presenters of the webinar are proud members of the LGBTTQQ2SIAAP community and all work providing support to people with intellectual disabilities.