Code of Ethics Train-The-Trainer Curriculum: A Strong Foundation

Deliver the NADSP Code of Ethics training to internal employees across your entire organization

There are extremely complex, ethical dilemmas that direct support professionals confront, but the answers to these questions don’t have to be a guessing game. The NADSP Code of Ethics provide clear direction for navigating the most difficult situations that direct support professionals encounter every single day.

How can human service organizations deeply integrate these tenets into their culture, and equip all of their employees to carry out the Code of Ethics? The NADSP Code Of Ethics Train-The-Trainer Curriculum puts the Code of Ethics into practice, by empowering an organization’s trainers with tools, instruction, and support to embed ethical principles into the work of their organization’s staff members.

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Takeaways For Participants:

  • What is the NADSP Code of Ethics
  • Why it makes such an impact on DSPs and people supported
  • What role the Code of Ethics plays in daily services and supports
  • How to embrace and implement the Code of Ethics
  • How to apply the Code of Ethics for improving organizational culture

This curriculum will not only have a transformative impact on a direct support professional’s values and approaches, but especially make a world of difference in people’s lives who are receiving services.

“I end up keeping the Code of Ethics front and center in my attention. That sharpens my commitment to providing person-centered services, allowing the people I support to exercise agency in their lives.”

- Andrea Miller, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

The entire landscape of a person’s life can change through ethical and intentional direct support services, so direct support professionals must exemplify ethical practice, high standards, and creative vision as they partner with those they support.

Through an in-person coaching session, access to an online learning platform, and ongoing guidance from NADSP, organizational trainers can now personally deliver NADSP Code of Ethics training across their entire agency.

When it comes to issues of confidentiality, respect, advocacy, and more, the NADSP Code Of Ethics Train-The-Trainer Curriculum establishes a road map in securing freedom, justice, and equality for all.

With the curriculum, organizational trainers/facilitators will be provided with the resources to deliver impactful training specific to the ethical guidelines of this unique and important profession.

This curriculum includes:

  • 1-day on-site Train-the-Trainer session
  • Ongoing support from NADSP
  • Trainer access to an online learning platform:
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Training instructions
    • Speaker notes
    • Additional resources
    • Group exercises
    • Role-playing scenarios
    • Related webinars
    • Links to external materials
    • Interactive discussion boards

Next Steps

You can access numerous tools and resources to conduct an unlimited number of Code of Ethics training at your organization, by purchasing the NADSP Code Of Ethics Train-The-Trainer Curriculum. There is also an annual renewal fee applied to the curriculum, as you will be able to access regularly updated resources, materials, and information to support you in your training initiatives.


Member Pricing: $2,000
Non-Member Pricing: $2,500
1-Day In-Person Workshop: $2,500

1-Day Virtual Training: $1000

These prices for the workshop does not include travel and lodging costs

Integrate The Code Of Ethics At Your Agency

If you are interested in purchasing the curriculum and participating in the in-person workshop, click on the ‘Contact Us’ button to work with NADSP’s Chief Operating Officer, Desiree Loucks Baer, on next steps.