Frontline Supervisor Train-The-Trainer Curriculum

Equip Frontline Supervisors with the tools and skills needed for on-the-job success

The Frontline Supervisor (FLS) may face the most complex work in the human services world, involving many points of interaction with many stakeholders. Whether it’s families, direct support professionals, supervisors, state regulators, peers, or most importantly, people supported – Frontline Supervisors confront a multitude of diverse perspectives and conflicting motivations, on top of seemingly unsurmountable workplace challenges. To deepen these difficulties, there is often inadequate training, insufficient resources, or fragmented support to empower Frontline Supervisors.

The NADSP ‘Frontline Supervisor Train-The-Trainer Curriculum: From Management To Leadership’ helps organizational trainers equip Frontline Supervisors with the tools and skills needed for on-the-job success. Trainers will utilize comprehensive e-Learning curriculum, developed through a dynamic online platform, with multimedia integration, surveying features, interactive components, and the capability for course content to be updated in real-time.

Using the curriculum materials completely stored in the cloud on a platform called, CourseSites, when trainers access the curriculum they will be able to conduct workshops on-site at their agency. In these workshops, trainers will help Frontline Supervisors transform from solely a management outlook to taking on a true leadership role, through in-depth, interactive, and engaging activities.

Takeaways For Participants:

  • Competencies/Code of Ethics Reviews
  • Role-Playing
  • Interactive Demonstrations
  • Dynamic Discussions
  • DSP Recruiting/Hiring Skills
  • Homework Assignments
  • FLS Success Stories
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Post-Training Evaluations/Surveys

On-Site Workshop Activities

Here is a listing of some highlights that Frontline Supervisors will experience during the on-site workshops conducted by those who completed the NADSP Frontline Supervisor Train-the-Trainer Curriculum.


Attendees will start with an icebreaker, objectives of the program, and setting the stage.

Purpose of the Frontline Supervisor Training – “The Why”

We explore why we need to develop and fortify Frontline Supervisors (personal outcomes, financial efficiencies, turnover decrease, staff morale are all parts of “why” we need this program). NADSP “believes” that Frontline Supervisors are the key to quality improvement in all organizations supporting people with disabilities.

NADSP National Competency Areas – The Foundation of It All

The 15 validated competencies are explored and become ultimately the lenses through which Frontline Supervisors observe and evaluate their staff.

National Frontline Supervisor Competencies

The 11 nationally validated Frontline Supervisor competencies are explored. These are the foundation of high-quality Frontline Supervisor Competence and serve as the basis for developing oneself as a manager, supervisor, and leader.

Using the NADSP Code of Ethics

The values of direct support practice are experienced in an interactive session where participants use the NADSP Code of Ethics in situations of supervision.

Homework Assignments

Throughout the workshop, there are fun and educational “homework” activities to inspire, challenge, and keep the learners engaged.

Recruiting, Hiring, and Developing Direct Support Professionals

Critical to the retention of DSPs is the art of the “good hire” and the orientation of prospective and new staff. This session explores the use of Realistic Job Previews, interview techniques, and engaging Direct Support Professionals in their initial and ongoing development as professionals.

Developing Oneself As A Leader And Manager

Throughout the course of boot-camp this dynamic is discussed, challenged, and reconciled. Management and leadership are not exclusive components of the Frontline Supervisor’s practice – they occur together.

Difficult Conversations We Have As A Frontline Supervisor

Confronting, counseling, correcting, and other difficult discussions are a daily part of a supervisor’s role with subordinates. We use role-play and the sharing of personal stories to explore this challenging topic.

Relating And Responding To A Multi-Generational Workforce

“Baby-boomers,” “Generation X-ers,” “Millenials”. Volumes have been written about these different “types” in the workforce. We discuss the ways and best practices of communicating with a multi-generation workforce and how to navigate the many styles of communication and learning, by understanding ways to lead each generation.

The NADSP Universal Evaluation Tool Based On NADSP Competencies

We have developed a standardized and universal performance evaluation tool. The session looks at how supervisors can move from an “annual” performance appraisal and use the NADSP Evaluation tool as an ongoing development tool.

The Great Egg Drop Leadership And Team-Building Exercise

Teams are established and the objective of this team/leadership building activity is that each team is charged to create an unusual product from inception to final reveal. The product is to be “marketed” as a single egg point of purchase item. Participants process their experience in light of the themes of teamwork, leadership, trouble-shooting, and creativity.

“Putting It All Together” And The NADSP FLS Leadership Development Plan

The culmination of the entire experience of the training is continued in a final plan of professional development for the participants. Everyone commits to a plan that will encourage continued professional development using the National Frontline Supervisor Competencies.

Closing And Evaluation Of Boot-Camp

In an effort to measure the efficacy of the NADSP Frontline Supervisor Training and Curriculum, we will administer an evaluation and survey. In partnership with the University of Delaware, NADSP will measure the effect of the experience, material, and overall program.

Next Steps

You can invest in the professional development of your Frontline Supervisors by purchasing the Frontline Supervisor Train-The-Trainer Curriculum: From Management To Leadership, which includes the live in-person train-the-trainer workshop and the online curriculum resources. There is also an annual renewal fee applied to the curriculum, as you will be able to access regularly updated resources, materials, and information to support you in your training initiatives.


Member Pricing: $2,000
Non-Member Pricing: $2,500
1-Day In-Person Workshop: $2,500 (plus travel/lodging)
1-Day Virtual Workshop: $1000

Equip Frontline Supervisors

If you are interested in purchasing the online curriculum and participating in the in-person workshop, click on the ‘Contact Us’ button to work with NADSP’s Chief Operating Officer, Desiree Loucks Baer, on next steps.