NADSP Keynote Presentations

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The Emerging Roles & Changing Expectations of the Direct Support Workforce

  • Presented by Joseph Macbeth, NADSP Executive Director
  • 1-hour keynote presentation (duration can be customized)
  • Learn about trends in DSP employment, turnover, and vacancy
  • Explore factors affecting DSP workforce issues
  • Discover solutions to improve job satisfaction and retention rates
  • Find out about tools and resources to help reverse this crisis


This conference keynote offers a chance to reflect on the current direct support workforce crisis and the evolving role and expectations of Direct Support Professionals. Many of these changes are driven by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and its Federal Home and Community-Based Services Community Rule. This is a radical departure from which we are accustomed and will ultimately create an emphasis on ‘personal autonomy,’ greater access to ‘integrated settings,’ and helping people to make ‘informed choices’. The focus of this keynote presentation addresses important aspects of the CMS Rule; How do we support people with disabilities to make informed decisions? What is the direct support professional’s role in this process? What are the workforce demographics and projections to fulfill these expectations? Do direct support professionals currently possess the tools, resources and skills to uphold this responsibility? Ultimately, can we find new methods to implement change and address the workforce crisis with new public policy initiatives?


The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) will work with your organization on scheduling this keynote presentation at your conference. You are also able to bundle this presentation with other training options as breakout sessions, to maximize your resources and obtain the most cost-effective solution for your staff development needs. Please Contact NADSP to schedule this keynote presentation and discuss bundling options.