Let’s Talk: Dignity of Risk – How Direct Support Professionals Can Build Risk into Learning

Oct 12, 2023 | Events, News, Webinars

This month’s Let’s Talk webinar will explore how direct support professionals can build risk into learning.  Many professionals in developmental services find it difficult to think about risk when providing services to the people they support. Direct support professionals (DSPs) must build risk into the learning of the people they support like hikers preparing for rugged terrain. A grueling hike takes preparation, awareness of the elements, wearing the appropriate attire, and choosing a hike that matches the hiker’s ability. You do not hike wearing running shoes with worn soles, or without a plan or a map. This would be dangerous. Successful hikers will not let risk dissuade them from their hike. Instead, they make a plan that allows for success. DSPs must take the same approach when introducing something new to the people they support. They must consider their dignity.

As DSPs, we are responsible for ensuring that the people we support have active roles in their lives. They make the decisions and take risks. Our job is to ensure they have all the skills and tools to take the risk.

NADSP Director of Educational Services, John Raffaele welcomes Amanda Hickey and Zoe Kariunas to discuss their article, “Dignity of Risk: How Direct Support Professionals Can Build Risk into Learning.

This live webinar is a companion to the October International Journal for Direct Support Professionals issue.

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Thursday, October 26, 2:00PM ET