Accredited Education Applications

Why should your professional development program be accredited by NADSP?

By seeking NADSP Accreditation your agency/program will join more than a dozen other organizations in demonstrating commitment to excellence, reflection and continual improvement in the areas of Direct Support Professional (DSP) education and training. NADSP urges you to consider the accreditation process as a journey that you and your team will take to strengthen and align your DSP education and training programs with the highest standards in the country.

If your professional development program can effectively prepare DSPs for the NADSP certification, then you have the opportunity for your program to become accredited. NADSP accreditation assures that all learners who successfully complete your program are eligible for national credentialing, and ready to deliver the highest quality support.

Step 1: Part I application, $1000
Step 2: Part II application, $1,000
Step 3: Site Visit, cost varies, if necessary

Total Cost: $2000* + Cost of Site Visit

*Please note that this is a cost estimate and does not take into account the cost of re-submission should your organization not pass a particular level of accreditation.

For complete information about the Accreditation process, please view the Accreditation Guidebook below. This packet contains the following documents:

  • NADSP Accreditation Achievement Standards
  • NADSP Competency Areas and Corresponding Skill Statements
  • NADSP Accreditation Application
  • NADSP Accreditation Applicant Process
  • NADSP Accreditation Grievance Process

If you have questions about Accreditation, please send an e-mail to: