Over the past few weeks, we have shared Words of Encouragement from from some of our colleagues As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads throughout the world, news, social media and work can be overwhelming. We’ve committed to sharing resources for taking care of yourself but we’re not alone. Many of our colleagues want to share words of encouragement. In the past few weeks, NADSP has shared videos from our partners each week with words of encouragement for direct support professionals. We want you to know that as you continue your essential work in supporting people with disabilities, you are not alone and you are valued for the incredible work you do.

We have been overwhelmed by the warm responses to the Words of Encouragement blogs on Fridays. Last week’s video from CQL | The Council on Quality Leadership, has been our most widely viewed video so far. This week, we reached out to our esteemed colleague and friend, Regis Obijiski. Regis is a John F. Kennedy Jr. Award for Direct Support Workforce Advocacy & Leadership Winner and National Historic Recognition Project 2000- 2020 Honoree. For more on Regis Obijiski’s contributions to the field, you can read about him in the in the National Historic Recognition Project 2000-2020 Booklet here. 

In the video below, Regis shares the stories of two Direct Support Professionals. To watch the video, click the video below.

Words of Encouragement from Regis Obijiski


Looking for additional support during this time? Please note the resources below:

Self Care Resource Page for DSPs (webinars, handouts and additional resources: https://nadsp.org/covid-19resources/

On-Boarding New DSPs in A Crisis (Code of ethics Webinar Series, Competency Webinar Series, Additional Resources): https://nadsp.org/onboarding-in-crisis/

Want to Share Your Story?

If you have additional resources to share, please connect with us at ndama@nadsp.org.

NADSP recognizes the invaluable work that Direct Support Professionals all over the world are doing during this unprecedented time. We appreciate you. We hope you remain safe and well.

Thank you,

The NADSP Team