The NADSP E-Badge Academy

get credit for competency.

NADSP E-Badge Academy

The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) has launched The NADSP E-Badge Academy, which offers Direct Support Professionals the ability to earn electronic badges as a way to demonstrate the acquisition and development of knowledge, skills, and values. The use of electronic badges recognizes and celebrates this progress that would otherwise go unacknowledged.

With E-Badges through the online platform Credly, professionals can submit specific examples, experience, and education that displays their achievements and contributions to human services. Whether DSPs set up their own personal online account, or human service organizations establish administrative accounts, users can upload evidence of their accomplishments for review, and then share the resulting E-Badges with others.

Why are E-Badges important?

For DSPs, this is the opportunity to share your aptitude, where at a nationally-recognized level, you will get credit for competency. You can demonstrate that you have an up-to-date and relevant skill set, highlight your professional achievements with peers and employers, build upon your professional portfolio, and spread the value that you bring to daily supports and services.

For agencies, this is the way to demonstrate your appreciation for DSPs, support their professional development, and acknowledge the impact that they are having on the people they support, not only in principle, but also in practice. Agencies also benefit because in an environment of challenging recruitment and low retention of their DSP workforce, they can prominently display the competencies and contributions of their staff involving people’s lives.

What types of E-Badges can DSPs earn?

Following the acquisition of the Code of Ethics Commitment E-Badge, The NADSP E-Badge Academy is currently divided into two types of E-Badge achievements. These two categories are focused on quality of life Core Competency areas and ongoing Accredited Education. In both types, there needs to be specific evidence and examples of how the DSP is embracing and carrying out those efforts. When the DSP demonstrates that their professional skill and value meets a specified set of criteria, they can earn E-Badges to display their competency in that particular quality of life area.

What are the next steps?

  1. Set up an account through Credly, the online platform that handles the submission and acquisition of E-Badges
  2. Earn a Code of Ethics Commitment E-Badge, which is the gateway to achieving additional E-Badges
  3. Identify other areas of expertise, experience, and education where you would like to highlight achievement
  4. Share your accomplishments with others to demonstrate the impact you are having on people supported
  5. Seek out more E-Badges to build upon your online portfolio and continue your professional development


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