How to Become a Frontline Initiative Guest Editor

by | Jul 26, 2020 | News

Get paid for expertise as a DSP! Become a Frontline Initiative Guest Editor

The Editors of Frontline Initiative are seeking one Direct Support Professional (DSP) or Frontline Supervisor (FLS) to serve as a guest editor for each issue of Frontline Initiative. DSPs and FLSs selected for this role are encouraged to ask their supervisor for their support of this professional development opportunity. The 10-15-hour commitment pays $500.

Frontline Initiative covers the issues important to direct support professionals and supervisors who support people with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities in a variety of community settings. Each feature issue contains resources, perspectives, and strategies to advance the profession of direct support. Frontline Initiative is a joint publication between the Institute on Community Integration and the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals.

Tasks for the Guest Editor

Plan and Strategize with the Managing Co-Editors

The guest editor will meet with the managing editors of Frontline Initiative for an introduction and discussion of what is included in each issue. The guest editor can ask questions and provide input on the topic at this time. They will then help identify and reach out to potential authors who will share their expertise and experiences in direct support.

Participate in Frontline Initiative Editorial Board Meetings

The guest editor will attend editorial board meetings to review progress on current and future issues of Frontline Initiative. If not available, the guest editor will receive minutes from the meetings and provide feedback.

Contact and Communicate with Authors of Articles

The guest editor will contact 1-3 authors to submit articles for the issue. Several contacts may be required to ensure clear communication and delivery of the article on time. The guest editor may also author an article.

Review the Draft of the Issue

The guest editor will review the draft of the issue to ensure there is sufficient depth and relevant content on the topic. They will help to identify gaps in needed content. The guest editor will respond to specific questions from the managing editors and provide additional feedback.

Support in Marketing the Issue

The guest editor will share the issue with their professional circles and encourage direct support professionals to use the content to enhance their professional practice.

Share their Experience in Feature

The guest editor will provide a photo and a brief bio about their work in direct support, and a statement about why the topic of the issue is important for the profession of direct support.

After successful completion of the tasks listed above and publication of the issue, the guest editor will receive a stipend of $500 in the form of a check or gift card. The estimated time commitment is 10-15 hours. The managing editors will work with the guest editor to accommodate their schedule as much as possible and will rely on the guest editor to complete these tasks in a timely manner.



Interested applicants are asked to submit their resume and responses to the following in to the editors of Frontline Initiative by June 18th, 2021. Email with the submissions or with any questions.

What perspective and/or expertise do you have that is related to the topic of diverse voices in direct support? Please describe. Share any story or anecdote you have.

Why are you passionate about this topic? Why is it important for DSPs to learn more about it?

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