Webinar: NADD & NADSP Summer Webinar Series: Session 3: Dangerous Empathy: Burnout, Compassion Fatigue & Empathetic Distress

Aug 11, 2021 | Events, Webinars

Burnout and compassion fatigue in helpers are bigger problems today than at maybe any other time in recent history. People in the helping professions often say that their most important quality is their empathy. We’ll explore how this critical trait may also contribute to the damage of secondary traumatic stress, “compassion fatigue” and burnout. We’ll recognize and explore the extraordinary stress of this past year, especially for people who play multiple caregiving roles.


This webinar is part of the NADD & NADSP Summer Webinar Series, Healing from the Heart:  How We Can Connect to Help Ourselves and One Another in Times of Trauma and Loss presented by: Lara Palay.


Key Objectives

  • Objective 1: Participants will be able to distinguish elements of secondary traumatic stress, vicarious trauma, burnout and compassion fatigue.

  • Objective 2: Participants will be able to recognize states of empathy in themselves.

  • Objective 3: Participants will practice an approachable, research-based exercise in compassionate empathy.

Wednesday, September 1st

2:00pm – 3:00pm ET


Learn About our Presenter, Lara Palay

Lara Palay is a founding partner of Aldridge Palay Group.Ms. Palay received her Bachelor’s degree in English from the Ohio State University in 1991, and her Master’s degree in clinical social work in 1998. She is an independently licensed social worker, supervisor and psychotherapist, with 30 years’ experience working with adolescents, adults and families. She has also practiced privately for twenty years specializing in trauma and grief, with expertise in treating families dealing with pediatric cancer.

Ms. Palay was Senior Fellow at the Center for Systems Change, a think tank for disability policy. For three years prior, Ms. Palay served as the Project Manager for the Mental Illness/Developmental Disabilities Coordinating Center of Excellence (MIDD CCOE) for the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Ms. Palay speaks widely in the U.S. and internationally on mental illness and developmental disabilities, with a particular focus on trauma, grief and loss and meaning. She lectures on clinical social work for the Ohio State University’s Master of Social Work program. She is the author of numerous articles for the Center for System Change, and co-authored policy briefs for the Health Policy Institute of Ohio.

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