Are We Ready To Be The Change We Want To Be?

Sep 29, 2021 | Webinars

  • Dr. Monica McCall, President & CEO, Creative Options, Inc.

Direct Support Professionals, you have the power of transformation that can change the world of supporting others. It is time to be fired up! Time to stand up and prepare for changes to come. Are you prepared? The world is viewing the role of the DSP in a post- pandemic era with greater significance, recognition, strength, and necessity than any other frontline position worker in the world. Now is the time to alter the way others see the power of the DSP, unleashing the strength, credibility, and enhancements in the industry.

Come join Dr. Monica Y. McCall, as she explores and shares a vision and shared promise for ‘The Transformative Direct Support Professional.’ Preparing for the future and the changes that create and develops the role of strong, enthusiastic, and strong DSP workforce of the future. The value of the work you do is being honored in upcoming plans- community and legislative presence and these efforts will transform the role forever. Join as we discuss the journey and prepare for this star moment in history.

2:00pm  – 3:00pm ET

Are you ready? How do you ensure your place in the future of a credentialed DSP? How do you inspire the change you want to see in your role as a DSP?

This is an encore presentation of the breakout session that was presented during the 2021 Virtual Event: From Promise To Progress.

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